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Innovative, Improved, & Excellent Solutions

Sanadcom Laboratories Tools Trading has an incredible reputation amongst customers

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Sanadcom supply The best Innovative High-end dental raw material equipment to dental laboratories across the UAE.

Kuraray Noritake

They are a core partner of Sanadcom laboratories supply chain. Kuraray Noritake takes every appropriate step to maintain international standards while producing their products.


Yamahachi is another big name in the dental supplies industry. The company has been successful in supplying high-quality and trustworthy dental material.


Mizuho produces high-quality and cutting-edge dental devices and equipment that help to drive technological progress in the dental industry.

Who We Are

Mr. Nasser Anbari started Sanadcom in 2017

Sanadcom laboratories tools trading has an incredible reputation amongst customers, dentists, and technicians. We continuously strive to offer innovative, improved, and excellent customer solutions. The three top-notch brands we are currently working with are Kuraray Noritake, Yamahachi and Mizuha.

naser anbari - Sanadcom Laboratories Tools Trading

Meet Our Team

Mr. Nasser Anbari started Sanadcom in 2017

Mr. Nasser Anbari is an experienced individual with 25 years of experience within Germany. In addition to that, he has been serving the dental industry in UAE for more than 20 years. He also owned a dental laboratory and a clinic within Dubai.